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Keep your team safe

We provide products and services for companies, hospitals, governments, and schools to assist with returning to work and maintaining a safe environment.  We are committed to recovery and prevention solutions.    

Holistic solutions to create a safer work environment

PPE and Supplies: 30 years experience sourcing for the Canadian Medical Industry. Licensed with Health Canada.

OFFICEWALLZ: End-to-end Manufacturing and design capabilities. Custom products available made from a variety of material choices. Made in Toronto and established in 1927.

Safe Office Integration Consulting :Trust the advice that hospitals use. 

Featured Products

  • OFFICEWALLZ Desk Dividers
    desk dividers
  • OFFICEWALLZ Furniture Panel Extension
    desk dividers

OfficeWallz Client Testimonial


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The furniture extenders we purchased were 60% cheaper than our alternative.  

PYO took care of everything from sanitizer dispensers  and gloves to wipes.  They were the complete solution we needed. 

Our employees and clients loved the Peace of Mind kits. Value and convenience in an amazing package. The perfect way for us to say thank you.

On time, reasonably priced and made in Toronto. 

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