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Keep your team safe

We provide products and services for companies, hospitals, governments, and schools to assist with returning to work and maintaining a safe environment.  We are committed to recovery and prevention solutions.    

Holistic solutions to provide a safer work environment

PPE and Supplies: 30 years experience sourcing for the Canadian Medical Industry.  Licensed with Health Canada.

OFFICEWALLZ: Manufacturing and design capabilities.  Custom products available made from corrugated plastic, plexiglass, wood, and lab quality Trespa® TopLab®.  Made in Toronto.  Established 1927

Safe Office Integration Consulting Services: Full service consultancy service designed to give your company and your employees the peace of mind knowing that safety is first and foremost for your organization. Led by a Fortune 100 real estate executive with 30 years experience.

Protect Your Lease: Tenant advocates providing global real estate solutions since 1972.

Protect Your Brand: Executing brand strategies since 1927.

Protect Your Sport: Custom solutions for facilities as players return to the game!

Featured Products

  • NOW AVAILABLE - Peace of Mind Kits - $99.99 CDN or $74.99 USD each + Tax (S&H applies)
  • OFFICEWALLZ Furniture Panel Extension
  • OFFICEWALLZ Moveable Walls


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